Are there two commonly used polyurethane chain extenders?

2023-06-09 13:46

Polyurethane chain extender is a commonly used chemical substance used in the production of polyurethane. Polyurethane is a high molecular weight material obtained by reacting raw materials such as isocyanates and polyols. Among them, chain extenders refer to chemicals used to increase the chain length of polyurethane.

There are two commonly used polyurethane chain extenders: one is polyether type chain extender, and the other is polyester type chain extender.

1. Polyether chain extender: polyether chain extender mainly refers to polyether polyols, such as polyether Diol and polyether triol. Polyether type chain extenders can provide the flexibility, wear resistance, and low temperature resistance of polyurethane materials.

2. Polyester chain extender: polyester chain extender mainly refers to polyester polyols, such as polyester Diol and polyester ternary alcohol. Polyester type chain extenders can provide the hardness, heat resistance, and solvent resistance of polyurethane materials.

The selection of polyurethane chain extenders needs to be based on the specific use of polyurethane materials. In actual production, different types and molecular weights of chain extenders are usually selected based on factors such as the performance requirements and process conditions of polyurethane.

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