Introduction to Polyurethane Soft Foam Hard Foam Anti Yellowing Agent

2023-06-09 13:48

Polyurethane soft foam and hard foam are polymer materials made from raw materials such as isocyanates and polyols. During use, polyurethane foam materials may be affected by ultraviolet, heat, oxidation and other factors, resulting in yellowing, aging and even destruction. In order to prolong the service life of polyurethane foam materials, anti yellowing agents are often added in the production.

Anti yellowing agent is a chemical substance that can prevent polyurethane foam from yellowing and aging. Common anti yellowing agents include the following:

1. UV absorber: UV absorber can absorb ultraviolet rays, thereby reducing the damage of ultraviolet rays to polyurethane materials. The common ultraviolet absorbers are phenyl trineneneba carbamate, diethyl benzoate and zinc oxide.

2. Antioxidant: polyurethane foam materials are prone to aging under high temperature, oxidation and other environments. Antioxidants can inhibit the occurrence of oxidation reaction and prevent polyurethane foam materials from aging. Common antioxidants include hydroxybenzoate, hydroxystearate and Dimethyl sulfite.

3. Anti UV agents: Anti UV agents can prevent yellowing and aging caused by ultraviolet radiation. Common anti ultraviolet agents include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

4. Light stabilizer: light stabilizer can inhibit the photodegradation reaction of polyurethane foam materials under ultraviolet radiation, and prevent the aging and destruction of polyurethane foam materials. Common light stabilizers include triphenylsiloxane and stearate.

In actual production, anti yellowing agents of different types and molecular weights are selected to be added according to the specific application of polyurethane foam materials, environmental conditions and other factors.

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